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For Entrepreneurs

Create a plan to become a Certified Active Ally and start making a real impact with your business.

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Together, we can build a braver businesses focused on social justice, without the shame of not knowing where to start or saying the wrong thing.

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For DE&I Professionals

Learn the best ways to integrate true anti-racist and meaningful social justice practices in your business.

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100 Days of Allyship Goal Planner

Ready to experience greater awareness and positive changes toward becoming a better Ally? Identify your Allyship goals and create strategies and action steps for completing your Allyship goal.

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Start - Stop - Continue

Want to help, but don't know what to do? Learn what you can do now to fight for social justice in your business!

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The DE&I Lounge

The DE&I Lounge is a space for business owners large and small to converse and learn to leverage Diversity, Equity and Inclusion without the overwhelm of not knowing what to do or the fear of saying the wrong thing. Learn to create a safe space where your employees and customers are able to show up as their authentic selves.

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Intensive Workshop

Scared you’re going to say the wrong thing? This 4-hour Inclusivity Intensive Workshop will give you all the dos and don’ts of Allyship to get you started

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Ready to create shifts in your business, make an impact on the world and produce better leaders?


Schedule a consult and let’s talk about developing diversity and inclusion strategies.


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