Training for Organizations

This signature program takes organizations and individuals on a guided journey to activate their allyship, gain trust and buy in and deepen their knowledge on creating places and spaces of belonging.

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Training for DE&I Professionals

The We Belong Blueprint is designed for DE&I professionals to gain additional knowledge and sharpen their skills professionally. This workshop will arm you with the tools and understanding to implement a diversity initiative that does more than talk the talk.

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Training for Entrepreneurs

Allyship Activation is a program specifically designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to do more than just say the right things - they want to use their business as a platform to create real social justice change. 

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Custom Consultation

Diversity Reviews and Leadership Development

Just starting a DE&I program and need a second expert to guide you?

This option allows you to have a professional on retainer to review your DE&I projects and program.

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Ready to create shifts in your business, make an impact on the world and produce better leaders?


Schedule a consult and let’s talk about developing diversity and inclusion strategies.


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