Creating Generational Wealth Despite Money Trauma w/ Shannon Kill

Season #1

In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Personal Finance & World Wealth Coach, Shannon Kill. We discuss how her work started out of being passionate about anti-racism. She loves working with women who have experienced some level of trauma, abuse or poverty or who are part of a minority group and who have created a successful business of some sort in spite of what they've had to go through.

Shannon and I are on the same wavelength about creating equity, healing money trauma and creating generational wealth that impacts our families and communities. Shannon points out that black people have been doing the work already, but as a white ally, she sees the importance of continuing to seek out understanding and education.

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“You don’t know your money trauma, until you KNOW your money trauma!”- LA

“Your program was not the first program that I have been through like this, but what separates yours from others, is the amount of empathy and understanding that you bring there was never an error of judgment. It was always you just really meet people wherever they are and their journey.”- SK

“It’s our job to seek out education. Black ppl have been doing the work of anti racism always. It’s our job as white allies to continue to seek out understanding.”- SK

“You need to just start doing the work. It's going to be hard at times, it's going to be very emotional if you're doing it the right way. And there's just no way to avoid it. Because at the end of the day, you're dealing with ABUSE, you're dealing with trauma, you're dealing with people who have been shunned.”-SK



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