Scared you’re going to say the wrong thing? This 4-hour Inclusivity Intensive Workshop will give you all the dos and don’ts of Allyship to get you started.

PLUS find more success by including diversity, equity, and inclusion into your business strategy with other likeminded business owners in a safe space.



Worried you’ll say the wrong thing, end up offending someone, and be drug through the coals online?

We’ve all seen it happen this year.

A well-meaning, White-presenting woman shuts down a discussion, saying “We don’t talk politics here” and ends up insulting and alienating entire populations of people and leaving her image and business in shambles.

All because she didn’t know what the right thing to say and didn’t bother trying to find out.


“I was just trying to keep the peace; I love everyone, and I don’t see color. Why are you attacking me??” These women don’t think of themselves as racists or judgmental, harsh people. And that’s part of the problem.

You don’t know what you don’t know, until it’s too late
- fear of saying the wrong thing is keeping us from learning how to say the right thing." 

We’re at a point in history where you can’t afford to ignore diversity, equity, and inclusion.

And it’s also not enough to just know “the right things to say” if you want to see real change.

Creating a space where people can reAlly BELONG, instead of merely exist without being offended is what allies are reAlly trying to do.

And I want to show you HOW to get started on becoming a ACTIVE Ally now.

It’s not enough anymore to just follow a list of words not to say. We’re shifting focus to improving our corner of the world and fostering a diverse community, putting empathy back into social justice and doing our part as online entrepreneurs to make a difference.
It’s time to finAlly feel confident, informed, and have actionable steps.


“Guiding small businesses on their journey to

remain exclusive while being inclusive.”

I made changes in my own business, helping me overcome the fear that I had of just being me and showing up as my authentic self. After years of clinical and corporate work with clients, I realized there were so many people JUST LIKE ME - scared of saying and doing the wrong things, but ready to make a change and learn how they can BELONG.

That is when I decided to shift all my energy into helping people grow successful businesses that create a safe space where everyone has room to BELONG.

As an advocate for women, an Army veteran, and a mentor for 20+ years, I have dedicated my life to helping others. I’m here to guide your small business away from creating a false sense of belonging and having hard public stumbles. Instead, let’s create a culture encouraging your customers to “come as they are” and build something beautiful with their unique gifts.

You know there’s a lot of work to do related to diversity and equality in your business and are eager to be a part of the solution— stop feeling like you're out of the loop and finAlly learn how to do something about it!

Join the ...

Inclusivity Intensive Workshop and get started on your journey today

Learn what it means to be an Ally and the best ways to integrate true anti-racist and meaningful social justice practices in your business

I’m Lekeshia Angelique. Army Veteran, Mom, Coach, Taco Aficionado, and creator of safe spaces to educate folks. The key to change is knowledge and empathy. It is important to me to create a culture of knowledge, as the more knowledgeable we are of one another’s experiences, the more likely it is that we will take the steps to effect change.  

While working for over 20 years for the U.S Army and the Federal Government, I have taken many different paths that have led me to where I am today. 

Most often, I have been the only Black woman in powerful meetings. I’ve had to learn not only to have a seat at the table but a voice while there. 

Time and again, I saw the need to empower more women in leadership roles and the massive need to fill the gaps in businesses around diversity, equity, and inclusion education. 

My unique educational background has also led me (unknowingly) to be in the position I am in today, owning my own business doing exactly what I love. I completed a year under the mentorship of the Diversity and Inclusion Executive at Colgate, where I gained valuable lessons and practical, hands-on experience in a large corporate setting.

This path has given me the confidence to move away from corporate life where, after a time, I found myself miserable. It has taught me about failure, empathy, mentoring, and the ability to meet people where they’re at without judgement.

My mission is to empower not just Black women but every human to have a powerful voice and an equitable seat at any table they desire to be seated at.

  • Diversity Management Certification | Cornell University
  • Master's of Psychology | Northcentral University
  • Master's of Criminal Justice | Columbia College
 Learn what it means to be an Active Ally and the best ways to integrate true anti-racist and meaningful social justice practices in your business.

This 4 HOUR INTENSIVE is for entrepreneurs who have the desire to make a change, but don’t know where to start:

Conscious and Curious Entrepreneurs
Diversity-prioritizing Small Businesses
Passionate Online Allies

Introducing a program where everyone is welcome...

Group Inclusivity Intensive Workshop

(Valued at $2,500)


VIP Inclusivity Intensive Workshop

(Valued at $4,500)

ENROLL FOR Group Inclusivity Intensive Workshop $650 πŸ›’
ENROLL FOR VIP Inclusivity Intensive Workshop $1,050 πŸ›’

Grow your business by embracing diversity! Now is the time to act.

  • Strengthen your inclusive language and understanding, so that you stop worrying about saying the wrong thing.
  • Navigate the unknown how-tos with confidence, even though you have no idea where to start right now.
  • Integrate social justice values into your business, without beating yourself up about not doing it earlier.
  • Launch an implementation plan specific to your industry, so you can gain a competitive edge by being an Ally.
  • Resolve inner conflict and shame so that you can communicate with the assurance that you’re not offending anyone.
  • Demonstrate your Ally leadership, without alienating peers or family with different values.
  • Increase demand over your competitors by living your values and standing on the right side of history.
Build inclusive relationships with your clients and peers and push through your discomfort with solid social justice education - so you can learn to stand up for your beliefs and have your business benefit because of it!


Become an Ally >


Hour #1 :
Creating Safe Spaces.

To know where we’re going, we have to know where we are. We will start with a introduction to language and pronouns and create a safe space for everyone to share in a intimate and inviting space. .

Walk away with:
  • Increased awareness around what impact you want to make. 
  • The foundation for your Allyship plan.

Hour #2:
Brand Perception. How Diverse Are You Really?

Breakout with peers to explore each other’s brands

View your business through the lens of your consumers so you can plan what kind of impact your values have on your marketing efforts and Allyship. 

Walk away with:
  • Clarity on how your brand shows up in the public space..
  • Steps for how you can increase positive client perception

Hour #3:
Diversity Statements 

How Important Are they to Your Brand?

Too often, people get stuck in the planning and learning process, but never make it to taking action. Let’s learn how to walk the walk instead of just talk the talk!

Walk away with:
  • An established, actionable plan with clear business rationale in mind.
  • Strategy aligned with your organizational mission, vision, and values.

Hour #4:
Building Your Digital Rolodex

Intentionality in Being Diverse and Inclusive 

How to make a conscious effort to provide business opportunities for underrepresented groups through strategic partnerships.

Walk away with:


  • A diversity supplier plan so we can rise together.
  • A concrete understating of how to support peers, employees, and contractors.
PLUS these Bonuses:

Community Coaching

Group Coaching Approach

Get immediate feedback while engaging with folk from diverse industries. Share best practices with other Ally’s on the same journey in a small intimate setting (seats are limited)!

Dos and Don’ts

The best way to “do” Allyship


Throwing money at problems has never been the right answer or best solution.  Learn how to participate in Allyship in order to make the biggest impact, AuthenticAlly. 


Safe Space

You can’t get this from Google...


A supportive community of people on the same journey.


Shannon K.

"Lekeshia’s programs & guidance are the perfect combination of understanding & education. She forces you to look at things that may be uncomfortable while navigating you through those emotions. She is encouraging, but she’s also not going to let you off the hook".

Jewana H.

"As a successful business woman, we all go through life's ups and downs. I have learned that I am not the only one, sometimes you just need that positive feedback and this has been it for me."

Robin D.

"Lekeshia is definitely my go to person for anything regarding Diversity & Inclusion and professional mentoring. Her ability to strategize and give expert recommendations has helps me for the years I've known her and worked with her. Her realization and Grade A advice has served our organization well and members have requested more from her consistently".

The “We’re in this Together” Promise:


If you complete this program and don’t feel like you have a solid plan and implementation steps for Active Allyship, you deserve your money back.

If you go through the calls together and work the steps, we’re confident you’re going to be able to increase your revenue and have higher performance against competitors because of the huge benefits you get from having an Active Allyship plan.

Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll happily give you your money back.

Become an Ally >

Introducing a program where everyone is welcome...

Group Inclusivity Intensive Workshop

(Valued at $2,500)


VIP Inclusivity Intensive Workshop

(Valued at $4,500)

ENROLL FOR Group Inclusivity Intensive Workshop $650 πŸ›’
ENROLL FOR VIP Inclusivity Intensive Workshop $1,050 πŸ›’

Decide you’re an Active Ally, now!

You don’t know what you don’t know, and by the time it happens it’s too late.

We’ve all seen that things can go from successful to disastrous with diversity missteps.  

Avoid going it alone and letting fear keep your from Being an Active Ally.

Become an Ally >

You have questions, we have answers.

I want to help you infuse inclusive messaging and processes into current business practices so you can find greater success and make a REAL impact in your business community.

If you remember anything, remember that hindsight is 20/20. 

How do you want to look back at this moment?

Do you want to remember:


 “Yes, this was the moment I made a change and became an Ally and social justice leader!” 


"Do you want to look back with disappointment, wishing you would have taken a stand, learned what it meant to live your values, and build social justice into your business?"

 Become a part of the inclusivity movement, and gain a competitive edge in your business because of it!


Introducing a program where everyone is welcome...

Group Inclusivity Intensive Workshop

(Valued at $2,500)


VIP Inclusivity Intensive Workshop

(Valued at $4,500)

ENROLL FOR Group Inclusivity Intensive Workshop $650 πŸ›’
ENROLL FOR VIP Inclusivity Intensive Workshop $1,050 πŸ›’