What You Need To Know: 8 ways Authentic Allies are Honoring Black History Month

As a Black American, it has been exciting to watch the momentum of the BLM movement build, conversations around race grow, and the road to allyship widen in this country. In the same breath, there is still MUCH work to be done. This is one reason I felt compelled to start my Allyship Activation Program, to help allies build something beautiful and authentic in their practices.

We are seeing more and more business capitalize (or even exploit) this movement in efforts to monetize or improve “optics”. The truth is, it is disheartening to see the way that the month of February (Black History Month) is still being treated as a “one and done” month; a sort of box ticking exercise of many Americans and the “appropriate time” to explore black history. A true Ally will extend the conversation beyond the month of February.  I am here to help you navigate building these foundations in your life and business, in order to create meaningful and authentic...

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